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Home Service Program for Pre-Owned Homes

If you’ve heard of home service plans, you may have wondered how they differ from home insurance. The short answer is, they both protect different aspects of your home. While home insurance will protect the actual building or structure, a home service plan protects the main systems of your home (heating, cooling, electrical, etc.) and major appliances.

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How it works

Blanket Universal Home Warranty

Blanket Universal’s Home Service Program provides homeowners complete peace of mind assuring their home doesn’t experience unexpected costly events from owning a pre-existing home!

Homeowner Benefits

    Peace of Mind against unexpected events not covered under a Standard Homeowners policy
    No home inspection required
    More confidence when buying a pre-owned home
    Service offered on parts & labor for all makes & models
    Minimize financial burden of owning a home by protecting them against unexpected repairs and breakdowns

Realtor/Broker Benefits

   Differentiate yourself from your competitors through added value service
   Meaningful coverage that will protect your client's investment

   Avoid after-sales disputes over faulty appliances

   Sell homes up to 50% faster and 3% more

   Receive an industry member discounted price for each plan you purchase for your clients

Program Essentials

Why should I get a Home Service Membership?

To minimize the financial burden of owning a home, you should get meaningful protection that will protect your most valued investment. For example, mechanical failure is not covered under a standard Homeowners Insurance policy.

How is the cost of the Home Service Plan Calculated?


-1 Year Plan: $450.00 + taxes

-6 Month Plan: $275.00 + taxes

Apartment Style Condo’s or Appliance’s:

-1 Year Plan: $300.00 + taxes

-6 Month Plan: $175.00 + taxes

What's covered?

Major Appliances: Refrigerator, Range, Oven, Microwave, Dishwasher, Washer & Dryer
• Eligible Products up to 5 years old are limited to Plan services up to $4,000 per Product;
• Eligible Products between the ages of 6 to 10 years old, in the event where BLANKET deems a Product to be not cost-effective to service, a Credit at an approved supplier will be limited up to $400 per Product. If the attempt to service fails to resolve the issue for the Product, we will pay the excess of limit less cost of the Plan services performed;
• If a Product is 10 years old or older, BLANKET will offer a $50 Credit at an approved supplier, not subject to the Consultation Fee. There can only be one Credit utilized per Plan Term, any further Products fail within the year would not be eligible for another $50 Credit.

Home Systems: Electrical Generation & Distribution Systems Heating & cooling systems (furnace, air conditioner), Hot Water Tank, Solar panels, Sump pump
• Eligible Home Systems up to 15 years are limited to Plan services up to $5,000 per Home System;
• Eligible Home Systems between the ages of 16 to 35 years old are limited to Plan services up to $2,500 per Home System;
• Eligible Home Systems 36 years or older are limited to Plan services up to $1,500 per Home System.

Exterior Underground Service Lines: Water, Sewer and Electrical Service Lines
• Eligible Exterior Underground Service Lines up to 35 years of age are limited to Plan services up to $10,000 per Service Line;
• Eligible Exterior Underground Service Lines 36 years or older are limited to Plan services up to $2,500 per Service Line.

What losses are not covered?

Items with known latent defects such as rust or corrosion, misuse or neglect, cosmetic wear, improper maintenance, external factors such as fire, vandalism, theft, flood and sewer backup, and resulting property damage.

What are some examples of what is covered?

Covered Losses:
Furnace breaks down at -30, a high efficiency replacement starts at: Est. $4,500
The power vent in a Hot water tank malfunctions, disposal of the old one and furnish and install with a new tank: Est. $2,500
A main electrical panel’s breaker fails to trip as designed overheating wiring, switches and appliances which had to be replaced along with the circuit: Est. $13,992.
An Air Conditioning system working in an overheated operating condition fails electrically and had to be replaced: Est. $5,101.
The electronic control panel in a fridge malfunctions and is not repairable: Replace fridge: Est. $3995.
An underground sewer line ruptured from apparent tree root damage: Loss Est. $10,000

Is a home inspection required in order to qualify?

No, a home inspection is NOT required.

When can the program’s services start?

30 days after the plan takes effect.

How do I apply?

Contact us at info@buhw.ca or call toll free 1.855.587.4792

How do I file a claim?

Contact us at info@buhw.ca or call toll free 1.855.587.4792

Who pays for the repairs?

Blanket will arrange for service including parts and labour paid for by Blanket directly to a service provider subject to the terms, conditions and limitations of the Service Agreement.

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